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 Maria-Eleni Sfaellou

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  Licensed Tourist Guide

Cycladic idols dancing Syrtaki, Maria Callas singing from a Byzantine stave, Picasso's Minotaur running in a Marathon to meet El Greco in Crete, Hermes bored of the Mount of Gods meets Nike on contemporary fashion...

 Greece is home to everyone and so many concepts of the Western civilization carry Greece inside them. Find yourself in Greece with the right guiding through its ancient and modern history, art and lifestyle...after that it will never be all Greek to you again!

 If you would like to meet the beauties of Greece looking beyond the guiding services are what you have been looking for. Highly sophisticated and with a variety of tour options to propose, you will get to know Greece in the most distinguished way ever imagined. Private and group tours offered. For booking a tour or a visit to a museum, click here. Please find some of the suggested tours here.

The profession of tourist guides is strictly regulated by law in Greece. Licensed tourist guides are only those who have accomplished a 3-year training in one of the country's Tourist Guide Schools. They always wear the distinguishing license badge when guiding. Greek tourist guides are licensed to guide in every archeological site and museum all over Greece and can be hired either directly or through the Hellenic tourist guides' organization, through travel agencies, hotels, etc.

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