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 Maria-Eleni Sfaellou

  Licensed Tourist Guide | Voice-overs | Translator

  Transcultural Concept Services

If a term or notion could express my love for Greece, my  passion for acting behind the microphone and the never-ending game of meanings involved in a translation, then it would be the outline of my professional identity.

Bilingual raised and educated, my later on university degree in Translation & Foreign Languages matched perfectly with the studies at the Tour Guides' School. Voice-overs were an old passion...turned into profession. In other words, when not recording in the studio, I will be translating or reviewing a text; and if not, then most probably you will find me guiding in Mykonos town or Delos island!

Transcultural Concept Services is the core idea of what I can offer you...whether as a tourist guide, a translator or a  voice-over performer.


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